You may have noticed…

You may have noticed that I’ve published a number of posts that were written a few years ago.  These were originally posted on a blog which is now “end dated” and for which I no longer intend to write fresh material.  The blog wasn’t specifically a food blog and these particular stories were more the exception rather than the rule as regards content.  I thought it would be fun to present them to a totally new audience as a taster of what is liable to appear in the future at Anyone for Porridge.


“With God on Our Side”

July 2012

The piece on the camera clicker in L’Enclume (For Whom the Bells Toll) was written the day after the event, at around 30,000 feet, as we flew over the Alps towards Italy.  I don’t like flying…I haven’t flown since 2006 .  I hate turbulence, I hate airports and in particular I hate the crowds of the great unwashed, airport security – and don’t get me started on the quality of the food.  Airports must be the only place on earth that can mimic the dire quality of in-flight meals with such unerring accuracy.  In fact I hate almost everything about the whole unnatural experience. Continue reading

Premium Time

April 2013

It’s Good Friday and J and I are off to Ireland for the weekend to see friends.  Miss Blonde and (the very colourblind) Miss Pink have been left to protect The Bleating Sheep who has come to “look after them”.  We haven’t even reached the ferry and the texts from home are becoming increasingly desperate.  But we don’t care…because it’s Premium time!  Continue reading

Why not visit – La Corunna

July 2012

Our first ever cruise took us to the north of Spain; La Corunna.  What a revelation it proved to be.  Great seafood, market, beaches and a deserted (in early July) modern promenade which took us out to the old lighthouse.

For more about La Corunna – read HERE – and for lots of images HERE

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Why Nathan Outlaw Doesn’t Have a Michelin Star – but should!

July 2010

I have to say I was chuffed to bits when Nathan Outlaw not only got his Michelin star back…but ended up getting another for good measure.  I like to think that it was as a result of this overwhelmingly upbeat blog post that the shiny new stars were awarded…though I suspect his rather good cooking had something to do with it.  Probably couldn’t afford to eat there now.  😆  (2013)

Give it back you miserable sods!

Through the wall on my right hand side the steady rush of water roars through the plumbing to the big round shower head.  Over to my left, just outside the tall casement window, there is the steady roar of a southwesterly battering through the trees with its accompaniment of shot-blasted rain.  It’s dull, dismal and Cornwall on a bleak Thursday evening.  It’s also the end of our summer vacation. Continue reading

I Beg to Differ…

June 2009

Another jump back in time – to 2009.  This was my second visit to The Kitchen in Leith and for the second time I was not blown away by the experience.  Bland is what comes to mind, which I thought odd given its burgeoning reputation.  Maybe I just didn’t get it.  It’s now almost 4 years on since the last visit and so the detail of either menu eludes me; other than one particular dish… Continue reading

For Whom the Bells Toll


July 2012

An almost bizarre visit to Simon Rogan’s L’Enclume

Is there a point in time where enthusiasm exceeds the bounds of what would normally be considered good taste?  Take for example behaviour in a restaurant, a relatively posh restaurant, a restaurant where waiters announce in great detail the contents of your about to be consumed microscopic morsel.  At this particular up market eatery your choices are at the mercy of “Chef” and where discussion of your options is limited to…”Would you like the the 5 course menu or the 16 course menu?”  There are no time wasting preliminaries such as a leisurely perusing of the menu permitted within these four walls.  Here “Chef” is God, a God of the old school whose word is law: “There shalt be no other menu but mine!”  in fact no menu appears until half way through the meal.  Is it a throwback to what was once perceived as snobbery?  Arrogance?  Or is it just a bit of theatre?  Having posed the obvious questions I don’t mind stating that the food borders on the divine.  This is high end cooking at it’s very best.  Unusual combinations, flavours and ingredients…and carrots have never tasted so good. Continue reading

Vague and Vaguer visit WoodWinters Wine, Bridge of Allan

A couple of years back we strolled into WoodWinters in Bridge of Allan – this was a fairly accurate account of our visit.  

“…and what type of wine do you like?”

Sigh.  Every time we go into a wine shop we hit the same problem.  “Red and wet” is generally our best attempt at an answer.  Maybe it would be better if we could be more precise.  You can almost taste the sense of despair coming from the shop owner as we appear to contradict ourselves every time we open our mouths.  Even when they drop to the ultimate fallback, “…any particular country?” they’re met with fixed smiles and shrugs. Continue reading